Theme: Myth Busters: Deployed into Service

This year’s Corps Vitality will be focusing on some of the myths we believe that limit our service in our communities, and walking delegates through ideas for their own areas of service.

Corps Vitality:  Soldier Training Weekend will focus on how discipleship takes place through intentional relationship building.  Our main guest speaker will focus on practical ways to build relationships as discipleship.  We will also have three breakout tracks for further development:  Worship Planning for Fostering Relationships, Engaging Youth Discipleship, and Conflict Resolutions Skills.   




Self Aware Service - Intro to the Enneagram

Rachel, a newlywed and new Lt. is serving as a The Salvation Army officer in Lafayette, Indiana (with her husband and better half, Aaron). She loves being a Salvation Army Officer, a good hug, being married to Aaron, her amazing gal pals, being a Hoosier, sharing coffee with people she loves, reading books, making a mess in the kitchen, hosting dinner parties, and seeing new corners of the world. 

Rachel loves conversations that revolve around the future of The Salvation Army (especially around a fire), incorporating social justice into everyday life, watching people become their best selves, Sunbeams (our future leaders) and sharing the love of Christ.

And, my favorite song is “Tis so sweet to Trust in Jesus”.

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Wesleyan Theology of a Holistic Gospel

In 2018, The Salvation Army appointed Captain Bersabé Vera as the Divisional Secretary of the Northern Division. She is responsible for the oversight of the corps in the Twin Cities and the development of the Advisory Board. Captain Vera received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Phoenix University and a master’s degree in theology from Asbury Theological Seminary.  She graduated from The Salvation Army School for Officers’ Training in Chicago in 2010 and was ordained and commissioned as a Salvation Army officer. She previously served as corps officer in Blue Island, IL for six years and as the congregational life and Youth officer at the Omaha (Kroc), Ne. for two years and ten years in Kansas City as Divisional Director of Hispanic Ministries. She looks forward to the many opportunities that God will provide in the days, months and years ahead – opportunities to serve him and others – opportunities to trust him, lean on him, acknowledge him, and walk with him moment by moment.

Deployed in a Digital World

Captain Scott Strissel has served as a soldier and officer of The Salvation Army for more than 25 years.  She has held a variety of appointments around the territory where she worked to learn stories, love deeply, collect friends and serve God faithfully.  Having recently returned from service at national headquarters in Alexandria, VA, where she served as host for the National Seminar on Evangelism, she has taken up leadership of the territorial adult mission advancement team. Trusting Christ has been the best decision of her life and has led her on faith-deepening and inspiring adventures. 

Her children, Allison (24) and Geoffry (21) have begun their own journeys in life and adventures in faith. Allison lives and works in Glenwood Springs, CO, and Geoffry lives with her in Arlington Heights, IL