October 14, November 11, January 13, February 10, March 3, April 14 & May 12

This year’s Divisional Music School is open to all ages. Our goal is to come together to become better stewards of our musicianship. We can do this through being open to new and exciting avenues to use our musical gifts and talents. Please do your best attending all rehearsals. Not only so you don’t miss anything, but absences affect the entire ensemble.

General Information

  • Registration can be done online at http://www.middivisionprogram.com/dmsregistration/ Please register by October 9th . January 13th will be the last day for new registration. No new attendees can be accommodated after this date.
  • There is a $5 fee per person for snack. This covers all 7 music schools. No Cash/Check need to be brought to music school. We will invoice your Corps at the end of the year.
  • If you need sack lunches for your trip back, just let us know through your registration. You can pick up your sack lunches at the registration table as you depart.
  • Childcare is provided for families with children too young to participate in regular programs. Registration is required. There is no cost and services are provided during all rehearsals.

Main Track Descriptions

Singing Company – This track is designed for children's vocal music for ages 7 – 12 to foster musical and spiritual growth among the youth of The Salvation Army. Children involved in Singing Company have many opportunities to sing praises in HIS NAME. 

Ukulele Band – Learning to play melody, harmony and rhythm all at once makes the ukulele a beautiful solo instrument. Delegates learn countless concepts that transfer to both contemporary (guitar, keyboard etc.) and traditional (brass, percussion and vocal) instruments preparing them for future music ministries.

Divisional Band – The Midland Divisional Band provides music at the United Good Friday Service and other music events throughout the year. In addition to preparing for performances, rehearsals will be a time to fellowship, exchange and discuss new resources and ideas. This group is open to musicians, including officers, at an intermediate level of playing (AIES Level 3); those who were in the Mihaska Band this past summer are eligible. 

Divisional Gospel Choir – The Divisional Gospel Choir is to foster an atmosphere of love, growth, and understanding of the Gospel through song and the Word of God. This group is open to musicians who are age 13 and up, including officers.

Minor Track Descriptions

Guitar – This class is designed for delegates to learn to play simple chords and songs on the Guitar. The goal of this class is to prepare people to play worship choruses back at your corps.

Timbrels – This class is designed for delegates to learn a choreographed routine to a song using a traditional Salvation Army percussion instrument, the timbrel. This group uses different movements to create both a visual performance as well as creating different percussive sounds which add to the music.

Recorders – The recorder is an important part of a quality music education for children. As a simple, elemental instrument that children enjoy playing, it fits easily into their hands and doesn’t require endurance or highly developed technical skills.

Audio/Visual – Will focus on learning about the basic sound equipment used on a Sunday morning and how to help enhance your corps A/V equipment.

Drama –  This class is designed to allow students a chance to learn to perform a skit as part of a group. Each member will need to be willing to get out of their comfort zone and perform in front of others.

Music Leadership –  Whether you are leading on Sunday morning or during the week, this class will give advice on enhancing your programs. Delegates will learn and enhance their song leading skills. The class will focus on classroom management and lesson planning for corps programming.

Bible Study – This track is for those who wish to spend some focused time on studying God’s word straight from the Bible. It will hopefully be a time of discussion, discipleship and self-discovery.

Divisional Junior Band – This class is designed for delegates who were in the Ramsdale Band this past summer. These delegates need to be able to play their C Major Scale and are working towards F & G Major Scales. They will need to already know lengths of eighth, quarter, half and whole note & rest values. This band will play music of 50 -60 measures in length. Not set for individual teaching. NO BEGINNERS