Sacred Conversations is a tool designed to help participants have gracious conversations around the complex and sensitive topic of race and racial reconciliation. These conversations will be enriched by gathering with  people from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.

Taking into consideration that such conversations can be challenging, and often uncomfortable, the questions are designed so that participants can begin with the “basics” and move to deeper levels with each session. The sessions are also designed so that the novice, as well as the more experienced can enter the conversation in meaningful ways.

This year, the Program Department will relaunch Sacred Conversations as part of a 6 week lunch activity at DHQ. The Urban Mission Center will be facilitating all 6 sessions. Starting on the 24th of January, Sacred Conversations will take place every Wednesday from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM in the Chapel. Bring your lunch!

Extra 30 minutes paid lunch has been approved by the DC contingent on your supervisors knowledge and approvalof your participation.

Sign up today, space is limited. 

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