Registration required.  Corps officers will be notified of delegate registration for approval.

Join this workshop if you are interested in learning more about church membership with The Salvation Army, and have the opportunity to be enrolled as a soldier on Sunday morning.  A soldier expresses his or her commitment to Jesus Christ in every area of life, but more specifically through the ministry and work of a local Salvation Army corps.  They covenanted warriors exercising 'holy passion' to win the world for Jesus.     

The following workshops will be offered twice during the weekend on a first come-first seated basis.

Getting Organized

Having trouble keeping all your to-do lists straight?  Looking for a new way to organize your life?  Join this Life Hack workshop on Bullet Journaling, to discover a system that incorporates creativity, journaling, to-do lists, and time management in one!

Making Marriage Work


What does it take to make a marriage work?  Join this Life Hack workshop to learn practical suggestions for a successful marriage.  Participants will discuss the Biblical model for marriage and discover useful tools for working through basic marriage issues.

Did you know that The Salvation Army is part of the Wesleyan Holiness movement?  Join this workshop to learn what that means.  Discover our Wesleyan heritage and its impact on our current day theology and approach to ministry.

Wesleyan Theology 101


Everyone wants a good neighbor!  Join this workshop to discuss what personal ministry in your neighborhood could mean.  Participants will discuss the theology behind meaningful engagement of their local community context, as well has share practices for a more intentional approach to being a neighbor where you are.